Box Recording Problems

If you experience problems whilst trying to record programs using your Sky+ box, try the following:

Check the cables and connectors

Your Sky+ box uses two feeds from the dish to allow you to record a program on one channel while watching another. Check that both of these feeds are working by checking their signal quality and strength in the settings menu.

Check the cables and connectors for faults. Make sure that both coaxial cables are fully pushed into the F-socket at the back of the Sky+ box, and that they are securely connected to the dish.

Replace the connectors or cables at the dish if any of them show signs of water damage, and make sure the connections are waterproofed with self-amalgamating tape.

De-fragment your box’s disk

Your Sky+ box’s hard disk may be fragmented, which means that there are pockets of free space between the stored data. The Sky+ box may have problems recording new programs, because it can’t easily access the free space on the disk.

To fix this, you need to de-fragment the hard disk. You can do this by pressing the ‘Services’ button on your handset, and then pressing the buttons ‘4’, ‘0’, ‘1’ and ‘Select’, in quick succession.

This opens the Sky Installer Menu on your TV. Now select ‘Sky+ Planner Rebuild’. This will de-fragment your hard disk.

If you are still having problems recording programs on your box, you can contact Sky customer service for more information. Also see this guide for Sky Moving Home.