Causes of Poor Digital Picture

Is your TV viewing experience constantly being disrupted by a freezing TV picture, fuzziness or interference? We’ve put together a list of the possible causes:

Low signal quality

Low signal quality can leave you with poor TV picture quality – and can be caused by a misaligned or faulty minidish or a problem with the way your Sky TV is installed.

Minidishes that are not secured properly or that are mounted on a pole can move in the rain and wind, leading to a loss of signal quality during bad weather.

Cheap cables

If you are using a non-HD ready Skybox or TV, low-quality Scart cables can suffer from crosstalk interference, where the wires inside the cable pick up unwanted signals from each other. Make sure you use an Individually Screened Scart Cable, where each wire inside the cable is protected by a foil screen, to prevent interference.

If you have a Sky+ HD Digibox, make sure you use the right high quality HDMI cable to connect it to the TV.

A wrong Sky Digibox Video Output setting

You can check your Sky Digibox video output settings using your TV. Press ‘services’ on your handset, select ‘4’, and then select ‘1’. This should open the menu for ‘Picture Settings’.
If you are using a Sky+ HD Digibox, make sure the Video Output is set to 1080i.

If you are using an older Sky+ Digibox, make sure the Video Output is set to RGB. If your TV supports RGB, avoid using PAL output. For additional help contact Sky customer service.

Using a passive aerial splitter

If you are using a passive aerial splitter to distribute Sky TV around your home, you may experience a poor quality digital picture. Instead, you must use a Sky distribution amplifier. Use a remote extender to change the channel from any room in your house.

Interference on the UHF channel

If you are using a Sky distribution system, you may experience interference on the UHF channel, causing a ‘snowy’ or ‘noisy’ digital picture. You can fix this problem by re-tuning the UHF modulator for your Sky box.

Fitting a satellite line amplifier (aka ‘signal booster‘)

If you have fitted a satellite line amplifier to your TV aerial it may cause a ‘snowy’ digital picture. You can check if this is the case by seeing if the picture quality on a TV connected via a distribution amplifier is improved when you disconnect the ‘AERIAL IN’ coaxial cable at the back of the Sky box.

If this is the case, remove the satellite line amplifier from your TV aerial. Try fitting a high-gain digital TV aerial to your roof, or fit a low noise masthead aerial amplifier.

Interference from other transmitters

Radio transmitters or signals from Tetra masts may also be interfering with your Sky distribution amplifier signal, causing poor picture quality. Another final cause could be due to TV radar interence. Read more about it here.

If after following these steps to troubleshoot, you may still need to contact Sky customer service to see if they can resolve the issue.