Checking TV Signal Quality

You can check the quality of your Sky TV signal using your TV. Turn your TV on, and press ‘Services’ on your Skybox handset. From the on-screen menu, select ‘System Setup’ by pressing ‘4’ on your handset, and then select ‘Signal Test’ by pressing ‘6’ on your handset.

In the south of England, in dry weather and under clear skies, the signal strength should be at 70 – 80%. The signal quality should be at 60-70%.

If there are poor weather conditions or heavy rain, the signal quality may be as low as 50%.

If there are severely bad weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, the signal quality may be even lower. The Sky reception may be lost, and a ‘Not Locked’ message will be displayed in the Lock Indicator.

If you have low signal quality during good weather, your Sky dish may be misaligned. You may need to re-align your Sky dish. If you need assistance contact Sky customer services.

If after following these instructions for troubleshooting, you can contact Sky customer services for further assistance.