Coaxial Cable Downlead Problems

Problems with the coaxial cable connecting your Sky TV box to the minidish can cause poor reception and a loss of signal. Here are some tips on avoiding cable problems:

Choose the right cable

Fitting poor quality or unscreened TV cables can lead to problems with your Sky TV signal quality. Make sure that you only use double-screened CT100, WF100 or PF100 satellite cable to connect your dish to your Digibox.

The PF100 and WF100 cables are insulated with solid foam, protecting the cables from water damage.

The only time it would be acceptable to use RG6 or WF65 cables is in cases where the cable distance between the Sky dish and the box is less than 10 meters.

If the distance from the Sky box to the dish is more than 30 meters, fitting a satellite line amplifier (‘signal booster‘) can help avoid the signal loss caused when the signal has to travel through long lengths of cable.

Avoid joining two pieces of cable

You should only resort to joining two pieces of coaxial cable together if it is absolutely necessary, because it can cause problems with your signal. Avoid joining more than two cables together, as this will cause too much signal to be lost. For more help troubleshooting contact Sky.

If you have no idea option but to join two pieces of cable, make sure that you connect them carefully to prevent any signal loss.

Use a Female F-Type Coupler to join the two cables together, and check that each part is securely screwed in. If the joint will be outdoors, make sure that you cover it with self-amalgamating tape to waterproof it.

Check for twisted cables

If the cable is damaged, knotted, twisted or joined incorrectly, it can wreak havoc with your TV signal quality, and may lead to a complete loss of signal.

If you are securing your cable to a wall, make sure that you use the right type of cable clips to avoid pinching the cable.

For a CT100, WF100 and PF100 cable, you need to use 7mm satellite cable clips.

If you are using CT125 or WF125PE cables, you have to use 8mm coaxial cable clips, with wider F-type plugs.

Check the F-type plugs

Check that the F-type plugs are fully pushed into the sockets at both the LNB and the Skybox.

Make sure that when the F-type plug is screwed onto the cable, 5mm of the centre core is left protruding, to ensure a good connection between the dish and the Digibox.

If you have tested and replaced all of your cables give Sky customer services a call for more assistance. They have a dedicated team available to answer your questions.