Digibox Faults

Sometimes the cause of your Sky TV problems may be an issue with the Digibox itself. An easy way to check whether this is the case is by borrowing a friend’s Digibox (including the viewing card), and connecting it to your dish.

If the borrowed Digibox works without problems, but yours doesn’t, the problem is likely to be caused by a fault with your Digibox.

Before you disconnect your box, make sure to jot down where each cable should go, to help you remember how to reconnect it.

Where to Buy a Replacement Sky Box

If you need to buy a replacement Sky box, you can find good deals on Amazon.co.uk. If you want to save money, consider buying a second-hand or refurbished box, which are available to buy for as little as £30 on Amazon.

Alternatively, you can buy a brand new Sky Digibox, such as the Pace DS440, on Amazon for about £90. You can also buy a cheap Sky+ HD box directly from Sky.
What causes a faulty Digibox?

The most common cause of a faulty Digibox is overheating due to inadequate ventilation. If a Sky box overheats, it can damage the electrical components inside, causing faults and failures.

Make sure that you never cover the ventilation holes on the Sky box, because this can cause it to overheat.

You may consider fitting a Computer CPU fan to ensure that the Digibox receives adequate ventilation.

Thomson DSI8210CS Sky HD box Faults

This Sky box suffers from problems with its power supply, causing various problems including:
• The power light on the box flickers
• A buzzing sound can be heard
Missing sound (or no sound)
• A breaking-up TV picture on recording
• An on-screen “no satellite signal is being received” message
• Box stuck on ‘Standby’ mode

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To avoid these problems, consider sending your Digibox to Digifix, who fit capacitors that prevent problems with the power supply.

Amstrad Digibox Faults

Early Amstrad Digibox models experienced problems with the tuner, which caused an on-screen “no satellite signal is being received” message to be displayed.

You may consider buying a replacement tuner, or replacing the entire Digibox itself.

You may buy a refurbished or second-hand Digibox, or invest in a newer Sky Digibox model such as the Pace BSKYB2600 or the DS430N. These models have quick processors, and work well even if the signal from the satellite is weak.

Grundig Digibox faults

Grundig Digiboxes may experience problems such as a poor quality TV picture and a ‘locked-up’ receiver.

This can be caused by problems with the capacitors for the box’s power supply. Poor ventilation can also be another reason. Repair kits for many Grundig models are available online.
Should I repair my Digibox?

If you have a faulty Digibox, you have to weigh up whether paying for a repair is worth it, or whether it would be cheaper to just buy a new one.

If after reading this guide, you still suspect that your digibox is faulty, you may want to contact Sky to see if you can get a replacement box.