Digibox Firmware Upgrade

We’ve put together a quick guide to show you how to upgrade your Sky box’s firmware. Check online to see what the latest firmware version is for your box, and don’t attempt to upgrade your firmware if you already have the latest version. Be safe, call the Sky contact number on your phone.

If you live in the UK, you can carry out a software upgrade for your Sky Digibox by doing the following:

1. Make sure that your Digibox signal quality is at 50% or more.
2. Take the viewing card out of the Digibox.
3. Make sure that your Sky box is connected to a phone line, and make sure that you do not use your phone line during the upgrade.
4. Make sure that your Digibox and TV are connected via a Scart cable.
5. Turn your TV on.
6. Disconnect the Sky box from the mains supply.
7. Turn the mains supply to your Digibox on again, while simultaneously pressing the ‘backup’ button at the front of your Digibox. Do this for 10 seconds, or until all the lights at the front of your box have lit up. An ‘Updating System Software’ message should be displayed on your TV screen.
8. The upgrade should be completed in around 15 minutes, and the box will automatically re-start when it is ready.
9. Do not disconnect the box from power or from the dish before the upgrade is complete, or you could risk causing irreparable damage to your box.
10. If the box doesn’t re-boot automatically, wait for one hour before turning the mains power supply off.

For more technical help you may want to call the Sky contact number to get professional assistance from the customer care team.