Missing Channels, Error Messages & Receiver Lock-Up

If your Sky box receiver is ‘locking up’ or being unresponsive to handset commands, the problem could be related to using an early Digibox model.

Common early Digibox problems:

• Receiver ‘locking-up’
• Receiver becoming unresponsive to handset commands
• “There is a technical fault, please try later” error message displayed on-screen
• Frozen screen
• Missing Sky channels

If you have an early Digibox model, you can prevent it from becoming ‘locked-up’ by making sure that your Digibox is connected to a surge-protected extension lead. This is because the older models contain a microprocessor that is sensitive to ‘electrical noise’ from the mains electricity. There may also be a fault with your digibox.

You can also try disconnecting the power cable from the Digibox, and re-connecting it after 20 seconds. For more information, give them a call.

If you are still experiencing problems, first check the quality of your Sky signal, to rule out signal problems.

You can check whether the problem is related to the LNB on the dish or to the receiver by connecting a friend’s Sky box to your minidish, and seeing whether the problem persists.

If you have a Grundig GDS200 or GDS300 Digibox, there may be a fault with your device’s power supply.

Finally, you can get more technical help by calling Sky by telephone.