No Satellite Signal Received – Error 25 or 29

If you see an on-screen error message stating that “no satellite signal is being received”, it usually means that there is a problem preventing your Sky box from receiving a signal from the satellite. Here are some possible causes for this problem:

Your minidish is misaligned

You can check whether your Sky dish may have been accidentally moved out of alignment by checking your signal quality.

When your dish is correctly aligned, the ‘Lock Indicator’ should be ‘OK’, and your signal quality should be above 50%. A signal quality lower than 50% indicates that your dish may need re-aligning.

Your Digibox is faulty

You can check whether you have a problem with your Sky Digibox by borrowing a Digibox, including the viewing card, from a friend.

Turn off the power to your Digibox first, and then remove the LNB cable. Connect the LNB cable to the borrowed Digibox, and turn it on.

Check the signal quality on the borrowed Digibox. If it has good signal quality, it may mean your Digibox is faulty.

Your dish or cable is faulty

Check your Sky dish for any signs of damage. Make sure the coaxial cables are not twisted or damaged. The F-type connector should be securely attached to the LNB, and the joint should be covered with self-amalgamating tape to keep it waterproof.

Check your LNB connector and coaxial cable for signs of water damage. If they are damaged, you may need to replace them. You can contact Sky or search for the cables on Amazon.

Faulty LNB

If you have confirmed that your dish is correctly aligned, your Digibox is working, and that your dish and cables are not faulty, you may have a problem with the LNB on the dish. You may need to buy a replacement LNB or see if you can get a replacement by calling Sky by phone or visiting their website.