No Sound HD Box

If the sound is not working when you try to watch TV using your Sky+ or Sky+ HD box, there are a few things you can try:

Check your cables

The Scart or HDMI cables which connect your TV to your Sky box may not be connected properly. Make sure they are not loose, and that you push them fully into their sockets.

Check your mute buttons

You may have accidentally muted your TV by pressing your TV handset’s mute button. There is also a switch at the back of some TVs that turns the speakers off, so check that this hasn’t been accidentally pressed. Learn about What a Sky Viewing Card is.

Restart your Digibox

The problem may be caused by your Sky box, especially if the sound is not working on all TVs connected to the Digibox. Restart your Digibox by first turning it off, then disconnecting the power cable. After 20 seconds, plug it back into the mains supply, and turn it on again.

This issue is usually resolved without contacting Sky, however, their support team is available to answer your enquiries.