Poor Reception During High Winds

High winds and stormy weather can wreak havoc on your TV reception, leading to a TV picture that ‘breaks-up’ and freezes. We’ve put together a list of possible causes:

A storm-damaged pole

If you’ve mounted your Sky dish on a pole, you may experience signal loss if the pole is damaged or moved during high winds. If the pole is moved, it can cause your dish to become misaligned, leading to problems with your TV picture.

The wind may even permanently bend the pole, which means your Sky dish will be out of alignment even when the storm is over.

Try to avoid mounting your dish on a pole, and instead use mounting brackets to mount your Sky dish onto a wall with an unobstructed view of the satellite.

If using a pole is unavoidable, try using a shorter, sturdier pole, and use mast guying to hold it in place.

An unsecured minidish

High winds and rain can knock your dish out of alignment, causing a loss of signal. If you are using a T or K type wall bracket to mount your dish, try to use a pole that is as short as possible. A long pole is more susceptible to movement during winds. Use mast guying to stop it swaying in the wind.

Wherever you decide to mount your Sky minidish, make sure it is securely mounted. If it is mounted on your Sky TV aerial pole, make sure that the pole does not move in the wind and cause signal loss.

Problems with your cables or connections

Make sure that you are using a high-quality coaxial cable, and check it for signs of water damage. Make sure that the F-type connectors on your dish’s LNB are securely fitted, and that the joint is covered with self-amalgamating tape to waterproof it. If you see any signs of damage, make sure you replace the parts immediately.

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